When diversifying your workplace, you immediately think of the policies, training and various other procedures to put in place to boost your company’s value of inclusion. One of the most simple ways to increase diversity for a large company is for leaders to start diversifying on a personal level. If a CEO wants to create a more diverse workplace for his company, they may need to start diversifying their own life.


Your Network

There are various things to do in your personal life that will have a positive impact on one’s ability to support diversity and inclusion at work. One of the first places to start, if you are a leader in a business or company, is to look at your social network of professionals and ask yourself if it is a diverse network? Begin looking at your professional social media and analyze if your own online network is diversified.


Your News

Another easy way to begin to increase your knowledge of diversity would be to subscribe to diversity-driven news. There are many newsletters, mailing lists and Facebook pages that can keep you up to date on the latest discussions of diversity in the workplace. Diversity.com or Diversity Matters blog are two great places to start increasing diversity-driven topics into your personal life.


Your Events

If you are attending events or conferences, make sure you are visiting ones that are inclusive of various demographics. In addition to your regular work conferences, go out of your way to engage in events or social activities that will put you in a position of learning about different cultures and interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

It takes personal and social responsibility to truly create a diversified workplace. Kevin Johnson, the CEO of Starbucks has said, “In order to make great progress the CEO needs to take this on as one of those personal initiatives that they’re going to be involved with and personally drive.” It takes personal passion from top leaders to authentically grow a workplace that is inclusive of all people. It takes more than simple policies and initiatives to develop a diverse workplace and a culture of inclusion.