The recent departure of a white house senior staffer, Celebrity Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault Newman, has left the current administration with a diversity problem. This loss of a prominent female African American figure has lead to a noticeable even whiter White House. The former senior staffer herself has raised attention to the administration’s inability to include people of color. This lack of individuals with diverse backgrounds within a government administration that makes decisions for an entire country of diverse people will lead to a lack of insight of all Americans.


Stark Contrast

In comparison to the United State’s previous administration, the Obamas were bold symbols of diversity in our country. The country had an African American family for eight years, for the first time, that pushed culture’s view of diversity forward. This is in stark contrast today with predominantly white males fulfilling the majority of positions in our government. People of the country are beginning to understand that we are at a time when the politics of multiculturalism has pushed out people of color among our policy swayers and gatekeepers.


The former aid, Omarosa, has also stated publicly that, “…at times it was very lonely because the majority of them were white men who had their own agendas. Many of them had never worked with ‘minorities’, didn’t know how to interact with them.” Why has diversity become such an issue for our current administration? Was this a deliberate measure for this specific administration or a bigger problem with a party-driven system? Was this diversity bare administration created in order to send a worldwide symbolic protest of political correctness?


With everything that Trump represents, including bigotry, misogyny, prejudice of every kind, recognizing anyone who is not like him as “other” or even “enemy,” he serves as the spokesperson for the shadow side of America’s unconscious collective. He is making the unseen, seen. He forces us to look at what has been set aside as our historical amnesia. The lack of diversity in his administration is yet another way of pulling off the historical blindfold and facing the dark ugly shadow of our American psyche.


Follow Up

Once the media began reporting on Omarosa’s controversial departure, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the administration’s diversity issue. Her response to the question was, “…We always want to continue to grow the diversity here. We’re going to continue to do that and continue to work hard.” This response was not necessarily a full recognition of the issue but somewhat of a blanket statement to say they are looking to improve. This continues to be viewed by many as paying political lip service to a very serious issue that is not going to go away and that needs the utmost attention right now in this divisive day and age.