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Prepping Your Office for Diversity

Your office is taking the initiative to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment, now what does that mean? It means that there should be steps taken to create a workplace that is respectful of all people regardless of religious beliefs, ethnicity or various other backgrounds. There are a number of ways to improve […]


Leaders in the Workforce: Diversifying Your Life

When diversifying your workplace, you immediately think of the policies, training and various other procedures to put in place to boost your company’s value of inclusion. One of the most simple ways to increase diversity for a large company is for leaders to start diversifying on a personal level. If a CEO wants to create […]


The Role of Education in Diverse Workplaces

Many only see inclusive leaders in their adult life, but the ideals and foundation of an inclusive mindset indeed starts as an adolescent. Compassion comes from the Latin word Compati which means, “to suffer with.” Compassion for others can be fostered throughout childhood and must be nurtured throughout a child’s formative years of education. To […]


What is “Diversity Fatigue”?

In 1996 the term Diversity Fatigue entered into the English lexicon. In 2006 there were newsrooms that were failing at diversifying their newsrooms who brought the term back to a place of popularity. In layman’s terms, diversity fatigue means that when you bring up the topic of diversity training or discussion about needing to diversify […]


Taking to The Streets: BLM & Eagles

The recent rowdy celebrations in the streets of Philadelphia following the major victory of the Eagles at Super Bowl LII looked oddly familiar to many spectators. The massive crowds of people damaging public property, turning over cars, and raiding convenience stores may have been interpreted as overwhelming joy in sports while others saw it as […]


How White is the White House?

The recent departure of a white house senior staffer, Celebrity Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault Newman, has left the current administration with a diversity problem. This loss of a prominent female African American figure has lead to a noticeable even whiter White House. The former senior staffer herself has raised attention to the administration’s inability to […]


Men’s Role in Creating Workplace Diversity

The white male has played a major part in creating a homogenous work environment for decades. Women and persons of color have been pushed out of the middle-class work culture in multiple industries. Now, men are beginning to see the needed responsibility and benefits of creating diverse work environments. Men have played a major role […]

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Diversity in Public Office

Diversity shook the country in this November’s election in the United States. The American people saw racial and religious minorities, as well as members of the LGBTQ community, create historic moments in our political and governing landscape. This collective moment of celebrating the diversity of our public officials differs immensely from the current administration’s divisive […]


Using Diversity as a Marketing Tool – The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

The idea of companies using diversity as a marketing tool inherently sounds like a positive measure to promote underrepresented groups. Yet, there are times when the intentions of a company may not parallel with their diverse marketing tactics. Whether their problem is their intention or that the message got misconstrued in the campaign process, there […]


How to Preserve History While Respecting Others

In August 2017, a confrontation spurred by the Charlottesville march and terror attack has emboldened an increase in the support of Confederate symbols. Recently, the Southern Poverty Law Center found in a survey of 2,000 educators a recent increase in verbal harassment, the use of racial slurs, and incidents involving swastikas, Nazi salutes, and displays […]

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