Luke Hartman never intended on being a leader, an inspirational coach, or someone who spoke about diversity. He enjoys creating a dialogue about many different issues facing America right now from mental healthcare to race and diversity challenges, specifically in the workplace. He actively enjoys finding new avenues to create inclusion and diversity in a given work environment. Hartman actively writes and speaks out on various workplace issues from ways to create a stronger team environment to how to report abuse or discrimination at work.

His passion for creating an outlet for creating a better work environment stems from his field of education. Luke Hartman has served as a professor of both graduate and undergraduate studies in the field of General and Special Education. Prior to becoming a professor, he has worked as a middle and high school special education teacher, behavioral consultant, a diversity consultant, men’s basketball coach and even a university vice president. All of these roles have aided in understanding the importance of a cohesive, efficient and diverse work environment.

Luke Hartman, back in 2008, aided in the opening, and then later served, as Administrator of Skyline Middle School in Harrisonburg, Va. His drive and environment of inclusion created an effective and welcoming culture in the most diverse middle school per capita in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. This is a testament to Hartman’s dedication to diversity and inclusion in community-based and team environments, whether in the field of education or a place of employment.

During Luke Hartman’s education, he extensively studied and conducted groundbreaking research. He spent his time in school analyzing and finding multiple avenues to effectively reduce prejudice and racism in public schools. Luke Hartman received his M.Ed. from Wichita State University in Special Education and followed up with his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, at which he conducted the majority of his research.

In 2011, Hartman was chosen to be a Vice President for Enrollment at a private liberal arts university in the Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia. He took on the challenges of growing enrollment and revenue in an overall declining market. During his time at the university, he led the school to its largest enrollment in the history of the school. In the last few years of his time there, the enrollment team greeted the two largest first-year cohorts in over 15 years. This major influx of students were also the most diverse incoming classes in the school’s history, at 36 and 37 percent. Dr. Hartman’s proudest accomplishment at the school was becoming the first cabinet member who was a person of color in the school’s history.